Best inverter batteries in 2021
1 Luminous Zelio 1100 plus RC 18000 150 Ah Tubular Battery Trolley

Luminous Inverter batteries are among the top choices of clients in India. Being the most trusted brand in India, Luminous Zelio is considered India’s most cost-effective inverter equipped with tons of smart features. The UPS has a display screen that shows whether the battery is charging or not on with the time of power- reverse frequence

Luminous is always on top of the top 5 inverter batteries in India 2021. Buy Luminous batteries at Rohan Batteries Noida assures original products in their store and provides complete documents and instruments for the same. Being the number one choice of clients for all kinds of batteries Rohan Batteries Noida aims to give genuine products of the most trusted brands with no redundant charges.

2-Exide technologies 150MAH inva master jumbo IMST 1500

Exide is famous for its plate technology designs. Those looking for a smart home-inverter result must buy the Exide master jumbo IMST1500. Exide is popular for its dependable products across the country.

Still, also Exide is the perfect product for you, If you're looking for an inverter having features like extra load capacity and longer life of the battery. Another great point of this inverter battery is that it has great battery comity for heavy- duty operation.

The Exide inverter battery is cost-effective and low conservation

3-Amaron inverter 150AH tall tubular battery

Amaron inverter batteries are made with a technology that can repel harsh rainfall conditions. The battery is resistant to high power loads made with high heat tolerant calcium and blends. It has a capacity of 150AH with a low conservation cost. The battery is easy to charge and has a fast- charging point. It has a technology that helps in keeping the low water loss with a bond of 48 months on the product.

Amaron provides a 48 months bond period on this product. No need to go anywhere to buy the battery for your inverters. Rohan Batteries Noida provides genuine products with original instruments for their buyers. Buy Amaron Inverter battery at Rohan Batteries Noida to get the best deals and offers on the product. It provides a free installation service for its products. No need to pay extra for the installation of the battery. Get them installed with expert professionals. Choose your location on the website and get the product delivered from the nearest dealers

4-Luminous red charge RC 18000 150AH, recyclable tall tubular inverter battery
Luminous red charge RC18000 is the ideal product for heavy- duty operations. The Luminous Inverter battery is fluently compatible for all kinds of operation that includes both home and office use. Another great point of this battery is that it's user-friendly and easy to operate. Those who are having huge power cuts in their area should surely but it. It's designed with advanced tubular plate technology with maximum overcharge tolerance.

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5-V- guard VJ145 135AH flat tubular battery

The V- guard batteries are highly compatible with all kinds of inverter UPS. The battery can work for 3-4 hours easily as per the operation. It comes with rugged construction that increases the durability of the battery. If you're looking for the top 5 inverter battery also V- guard is always among them. This is the most cost-effective product for a home- use inverter with low maintenance costs.

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